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2019 Purchase District Training Day for Clergy and Laity

Posted December 17, 2018

Date and Location

When: January 20, 2018, 2:30-4:30 PM
Where: Purchase District UMC Campus located at 2285 Jack Treas Road, Brewers, Kentucky | MAP

Workshops Include:

One Board Model for Church Administration: Praxis and Pitfalls
Leader: Dr. Joe Geary, Memphis Conference Director of Connectional Ministry
Description: Learn the benefits and challenges of a simplified model of church administration which melds the Disciplinary committees into one unified board for church administration, leadership, and oversight.
Suggested Participants: Pastors, Church Council Members, and Administrative Committee Chairpersons

Creating Ministry Action Plans and Future Coaching Opportunities
Leaders: Sue Engle, Trinity-Paducah Pastor, SLI Facilitator and Coach and Samantha Hall, Director of Resource Ministries, SLI Facilitator Trainee
Description: Learn how to accomplish a ministry goal through developing a measurable plan and outcome. Workshop will include an introduction to creating Ministry Action Plans (MAP) and to further coaching opportunities.
Suggested Participants: Church Council Members, Work Area/Ministry Team Members, Church Pastors

Pastor Parish Relations Training
Leader: Dr. Rob Martin, Purchase District District Superintendent
Description: Learn the role, responsibilities, and process for effective Staff Parish Committee work.
Suggested Participants: Staff Parish Chairs and New Committee Members, Church Pastors

DayShore Information and Introduction
Leader: Allison Doyle, Program Director, Lakeshore UMA
Description: Learn how to bring one of the best assets of the Memphis Conference to your local church/cluster and how Lakeshore supports the program with people and program resources.
Suggested participants: Calloway and River Cluster Youth Leaders and Church Pastors


Online: https://memphis-reg.brtapp.com/PDUMC2019TRAININGDAY
Phone: 270-527-8282

Deadline to register: January 13, 2019


Flyer: https://memphis.brtapp.com/files/districts/paducah/flyers/district+training+day/district+training+day+2019.pdf
Brochure: https://memphis.brtapp.com/files/districts/paducah/flyers/district+training+day/2019+training+event+brochure.pdf

For more information

Contact Samantha Hall, director of resource ministries
shall @ memphis-umc.org